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SyrianAir Airlines

About SyrianAir Airlines

SyrianAir Airlines fly from/to:
AbuDhabi, Algeria, Amman, Amsterdam, Athens, Bahrain, Barcelona, Beirut, Benghaz, Berlin, Brussel, Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Casablanca, Dammam, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Frankfort, Istanbul, Jeddah, Karachi, Khartoum, Kuwait, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Marseille, Milano, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Nicosia, Paris, Riyadh, Rome, Sanaa, Shargah, Stockholm, Tehran, Tripoli, Tunis, Vienna and Yerevan.

SyrianAir has long been associated with safety. This is because that till this date there haven’t been any accidents associated with their airline. Such a record would not have been achievable if it wasn’t for the great experience that is possessed by the SyrianAir staff. The SyrianAir family, made up of engineers, technicians, pilots and the top-level management, are always at the forefront of maintaining and operating the fleet.

SyrianAir thinks that safety is the result of the cohesion and cooperation of the teams on the ground and in the air. The excellence in the services provided to their passengers comes from continuous cycles of training that all staff at SyrianAir are subjected to.

SyrianAir provide standards in quality and efficiency, the airline is sure to keep its motto of SyrianAir Means Safety. The development of the cabin crew skills at SyrianAir is a continuous process to ensure that all safety procedures are applied correctly. This development is carried out in a serious training environment that takes into consideration the importance those tasks that are performed by the crew.

Training takes place in accordance with the regulations set by the IATA giving the crewmembers a high sense of teamwork. This environment also brings the crewmembers closer to each other making them part of the SyrianAir family. It is this feeling which motivates the crewmembers to conduct their tasks in the best possible way; attracting the largest number of passengers possible and making their journey onboard SyrianAir a safe and memorable one. SyrianAir always tries its best to use the latest state of the art navigational equipment that are used by leading International airlines.

For further information on SyrianAir Airlines visit the SyrianAir website.

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