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Swiss International Air Lines

About Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines fly from/to:

Alicante, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Basel, Belgrade, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Graz, Hamburg, Hanover, Istanbul, Krakow, Linz, Lisbon, London, Lugano, Luxembourg, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nice, Nuremburg, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sion, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.

Benghazi, Cairo, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Johannesburg, Malabo, Nairobi, Tripoli and Yaounde.

Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York and Sao Paulo.

Near and Middle East
Dubai, Jeddah, Muscat, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

Far East
Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai / Bombay, Singapore and Tokyo.

SWISS flight experience
T he first thing you will notice when you board a SWISS flight is the friendliness of their flight attendants. Their welcoming smile will accompany you throughout your flight.

Two, three or even more languages

Their flight attendants do more than just smile. They all speak at least two languages, most of them speak three and some even four or five.Switzerland itself has four official languages. Their flight attendants are skilled in anticipating your wishes. And they are there to listen too, if you have a question or need advice or assistance.

No wonder their flight attendants win award after award.

This is your captain speaking
The Swiss cockpit crew also have just one goal: your well being. If time allows, your captain or first officer will greet you personally and keep you up to date on the progress of your flight. Their aircraft are equipped with cabin screens that allow you to track your flight yourself – on an electronic map that shows you key information, including altitude and groundspeed.

Short-haul flights - Airbus A319, A320, A321
Long-haul flights - Airbus A330, A340

SWISS Magazine
Their inflight magazine gives you an inside look at a SWISS destination in each issue – together with interesting articles about people, Switzerland and much more. Feel free to take your copy along with you. Be sure of always receiving the latest issue hot off the presses and subscribe to SWISS Magazine

Swiss Airlines - Duty-free shopping on board
Avoid the stress of shopping on the ground and make the inflight time fly past by shopping on board the airline (on intercontinental flights or flights within Europe lasting more than 90 minutes). You will find a wide range of superb products in their catalogue, available at prices lower than in Swiss retail stores.

For further information on Swiss International Air Lines visit the Swiss website.

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