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Moldovian Airlines

About Moldovian Airlines

Moldovian Airlines fly to/from:
Budapest, Timisoara, Chisinau, Moscow.

Moldovian Reservations
Reserve your seat as far in advance as possible through any Moldavian Airlines agent. Your confirmed seat is shown in the "Passenger Status" box of the ticket by "OK" code. "RQ" code indicates that it was not yet possible to confirm the requested seat at the time of ticket issuance.

Having a booking on their flight and knowing that you are not going to travel on that flight, you are kindly requested to let Moldovian airlines know that as early as possible. Being aware that you are not going to use your reservation, they can then offer the seat to other customers who otherwise would be unable to travel. Remember that one day you may be the passenger needing a reservation on an already fully-booked flight.

Infants and Children
Children under 2 years accompanied by an adult are carried at 10% of the normal fare. They do not occupy individual seats and have no free baggage allowance. Children between 2 and 12 years old pay 33% of the full fare having their own seats and baggage allowance.

Moldovian Security regulations
Note that electronic devices such as cordless telephones, portable CD's, radio's, TV's and remote control devices can affect airliner navigation systems. Please, refrain from using them during the flight. They also ask you not to use laptop computers, calculators, cassette recorders, electric razors and video cameras during take-off and landing. These items can be used during the flight. For safety reasons, dangerous goods such as listed below on this page must not be carried in passenger's baggage:

For further information on Moldovian airlines visit the Moldovian website.

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