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Middle East Airlines Airliban

About Middle East Airlines Airliban

Middle East Airlines fly from/to:
abidjan (abj) - cote d ivoire, abu dhabi (auh) - u.a.e, accra (acc) - ghana, addisababa (add) - ethiopia, ajaccio (aja) - france, aleppo (alp) - syria, alghero (aho) - italy, algiers (alg) - algeria, amman (amm) - jordan, amsterdam (ams) - netherlands, ankara (ank) - turkey, athens (ath) - greece, atlanta (atl) - usa, avignon (avn) – france, bahrain (bah) - bahrain, bamako (bko) - mali, bangui (bgf) - central african, barcelona (bcn) - spain, bastia (bia) - france, beirut (bey) - lebanon, berlin (ber) - germany, biarritz (biq) - france, birmingham (bhx) – u.k, bogota (bog) - colombia, bordeaux (bod) - france, boston (bos) - usa, brasilia (bsb) - brazil, brazzaville (bzv) - congo, bremen(bre) - germany, brest (bes) - france, brussels (bru) - belgium, bucharest (buh) - romania, budapest (bud) - hungary, buenos aires (bue) – argentina, cagliari (cag) - italy, cairo (cai) - egypt, calgary (yyc) - canada, calvi (cly) - france, caracas (ccs) - venezuela, casablanca (cas) - morocco, catania (cta) - italy, chicago (ord) - usa, clermont ferrand (cfe) - france, cologne(cgn) - germany, colombo (cmb) - sri lanka, conakry (cky) - guinea, copenhagen (cph) - denmark, corfu (cfu) - greece, cotonou (coo) – benin, dakar (dkr) - senagal, dallas (dfw) - usa, damascus (dam) - syria, dammam (dmm) - saudi arabia, delhi (del) - india, denver (den) - usa, detroit (dtw) - usa, doha (doh) - qatar, dortmund (dtm) - germany, douala (dla) - cameroon, dresden (drs) - germany, dubai (dxb) – u.a.e, dublin (dub) - ireland, dusseldorf (dus) – germany, edinburgh (edi) – u.k, frankfurt (fra) - germany, freetown (fna) - sierra leone, friedrichshafen (fdh) – germany, geneva (gva) - switzerland, genoa (goa) - italy, glasgow (gla) – u.k, halifax (yhz) - canada, hamburg (ham) - germany, hanover (haj) - germany, helsinki (hel) - finland, heraklion (her) - greece, hong kong (hkg) – hong kong, houston (iah) – usa, islamabad (isb) - pakistan, istanbul (ist) – turkey, jeddah (jed) - saudi arabia, johannesberg (jnb) - south africa, kano (kan) - nigeria, karachi (khi) - pakistan, khartoum (krt) - sudan, kiel (kel) - germany, kiev (iev) - ukraine, kinshasa (fih) - congo, kuala lumpur (kul) - malaysia, kuwait (kwi) - kuwait, la paz (lpb) - bolivia, lagos (los) - nigeria, lahore(lhe) - pakistan, lameziaterme(suf) - italy, larnaca (lca) - cyprus, leipzig (lej) - germany, libreville (lbv) - gabon, limoges (lig) - france, lisbon (lis) - portugal, lome (lfw) - togo, london (lhr) – u.k, london (lgw) – u.k, lorient (lrt) - france, los angeles (lax) - usa, luanda (lad) - angola, lusaka (lun) - zambia, lyon (lys) – france, madrid (mad) - spain, malaga (agp) - spain, manchester (man) – u.k, manila (mnl) - philippines, marrakech (rak) - morocco, marseille (mrs) - france, medinah (med) - saudi arabia, mexico (mex) - mexico, miami (mia) - usa, milan (mil) - italy, montpellier (mpl) - france, montreal (yul) - canada, moscow (mow) - russia, muenster (fmo) - germany, mulhouse (mlh) - france, mumbai (bom) - india, munich (muc) - germany, muscat (mct) - oman, mykonos (jmk) – greece, nairobi (nbo) - kenya, nantes (nte) - france, naples (nap) - italy, ndjamena (ndj) - chad, new york (jfk) - usa, new york (ewr) - usa, new york (lga) - usa, newcastel (ncl) – u.k, niamey (nim) - niger, nice (nce) - france, nicosia (nic) - cyprus, nouakchott (nkc) - mauritania, nuremberg (nue) – germany, oslo (osl) - norway, ottawa (yow) - canada, ouagadougou (oua) - burkina, faso paderborn (pad) - germany, palermo (pmo) - italy, paris (cdg) – france, paris (ory) - france, pau (puf) - france, philadelphia (phl) - usa, phoenix (phx) - usa, pisa(psa) - italy, pointe a pitre (ptp) - guadeloupe, prague (prg) – czech republic, quimper (uip) - france, rabat (rba) - morocco, rennes (rns) - france, rhodes (rho) - greece, rio de janeiro (rio) - brazil, riyadh (ruh) - saudi arabia, rome (rom) - italy, san francisco (sfo) - usa, santiago de chile (scl) - chile, sao paulo (sao) - brazil, seattle (sea) - usa, sharjah (shj) - u.a.e, sharm elsheikh (ssh) - egypt, singapore (sin) - singapore, sofia (sof) - bulgaria, southampton (sou) - u.k, st petersburg (led) - russia, stavenger (svg) - norway, stockholm (sto) - sweden, strasbourg (sxb) - france, stuttgart (str) - germany, sydney (syd) - australia, thessaloniki (skg) - greece, toronto (yto) - canada, toulouse (tls) - france, tunis (tun) - tunisia, turin (trn) - italy, valencia (vlc) - spain, vancouver (yvr) - canada, venice (vce) - italy, vienna (vie) - austria, warsaw (waw) - poland, washington (bwi) - usa, washington (iad) - usa, yaounde (yao) - cameroon and zurich (zrh) - switzerland.

Unaccompanied Minors
For children under 4 years, Middle Eastern Airlines can provide an Escort Flight attendant( at a charge). For more information contact Middle Eastern Airlines Sales Offices. For children aged between 4 and 12 years, MEA can offer Escort services. If you so request MEA offers the same service for children between 12 and 16 years.

What You need to know:
When you are purchasing the ticket you will be given a UM wallet, which your child will need to carry throughout his journey. This wallet will contain all necessary travel documents. their staff will fill-in a UM Handling advice specifying child’s name and address, telephone numbers of the persons responsible for escorting the child to Airport of departure and picking him up at Airport of destination.

Who will look after your child:
Middle Eastern Airlines Special Care team at Beirut Airport and our staff at outstations will take charge of your child and look after him/her until aircraft departure. On board their flight attendants will ensure UM is cared for and given the preassigned seat. At the airport of destination, their ground staff will accompany and hand over your child to the person designated by you. It is advisable that parents or guardian do not leave airport before flight departure.

Pregnant Women
If you are pregnant you will be accepted up to and including 34th week of pregnancy. Make necessary booking and handling arrangements with their Sales Offices well ahead of time. For Pregnancy beyond 34 weeks, mothers may be accepted provided a written certificate from attending physician that affirms no medical objection against that particular journey

Physically Challenged Passengers
To ensure that you have a comfortable journey, it is important to observe the following points: You must check with a physician whether air travel is advisable. Make your reservation, in good time, at least two days prior to departure.

At reservations, specify your needs (e.g. stretcher) in order for Middle Eastern Airlines staff to make the necessary arrangements on ground and on board. For example, you must advise them whether you need a wheelchair at departure /arrival or if you are taking your own. In the event of illness, a medical form, available at all Middle Eastern Airlines sales offices, will be completed for you to be signed by both your physician and MEA medical department. It confirms that there is no medical objection to fly by Air.

For further information on Middle East airlines visit the Middle East Airlines website.

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