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Icelandair Airline

About Icelandair

Icelandair Airlines fly from:
London - Heathrow
Glasgow, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Belfast
Cork, Dublin, Shannon
Melbourne, Sydney
Cape Town, Johannesburg
Reykjavik (Iceland), Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rhein, Paris.

Icelandair Airlines fly to:
Reykjavik (Iceland)
Baltimore/Washington, Boston, New York - JFK, Minneapolis/St. Pau, l Orlando, San Francisco.

The Icelandair Fleet
ICELANDAIR offer its customers advanced high technology Boeing 757-300 and 757-200 aircraft. All of their aircraft are equipped with the latest and most advanced safety equipment, and in some cases above that generally required by international operating regulations. They also satisfy the most stringent international environmental requirements, regarding both noise and engine emissions.

ICELANDAIR, and its airlines, ICELANDAIR (Flugfélag Íslands) and Icelandic Airlines (Loftleidir), have been in air transportation since 1937, and operated international flights since 1945. During the years 1989-1992 ICELANDAIR renewed its whole fleet, and in 1992 the average age of this new fleet was only 1.3 years, the lowest known amongst international airlines.

Since 1999, a total of 11 jet aircraft have been in operation, of which six are Boeing 757-200, each with 189 passenger seats, three Boeing 737-400, each with 147 seats, and one Boeing 757-200F freighter. Furthermore, one Boeing 737-300F freighter is available for lease. ICELANDAIR also operates three Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft, each with 50 seats, for its subsidiary Air Iceland (Flugfélag Íslands).

Icelandair have decided to standardize the international fleet with Boeing 757. This type of aircraft offers the passengers a more advanced and comfortable Saga Business Class, and is additionally equipped with an audio- and video entertainment system for the whole passenger cabin.

They have on firm order, with Boeing, four additional new aircraft, two B757-200 for March 2003 and two B757-300 for delivery during 2000-2003. ICELANDAIR also holds purchase options for four additional Boeing 757 aircraft, which could be delivered sometime during 2000-2004.

The Boeing 757-300 is a new and stretched variant of the popular B757-200. The first aircraft of this advanced type were delivered to the German airline Condor in 1999. In ICELANDAIR's operation these aircraft have 227 seats.

Icelandair In-flight Comfort
Icelandair's first concern is the safety and comfort of their passengers. Long periods in the air and traveling through time zones in a pressurized cabin can affect sleep patterns, digestion, and circulation.

Clotting of blood in the lower legs is known as deep venous thrombosis (DVT). This has become known in the press as "economy class syndrome" but the term is misleading. Individuals seated in theatres, cars, trucks, buses, etc. may all be at risk, and cases of DVT occurring in flight have been reported in travelers in premium cabins as well as economy. The term 'travelers thrombosis' is more accurate.

Icelandair hope the following tips will contribute to a relaxed, comfortable flight and a refreshed arrival. Use these tips as you see fit, to help reduce the effects of long haul travel.

Passengers flying between Europe and North America are required to change planes en route. Icelandair's network is based on a so-called "hub-and-spoke" system with Keflavik International airport serving as a nerve-center. The benefits of this system to passengers is the opportunity to stretch out and do relevant exercises on the ground at a normal altitude pressure. This minimizes the time you have to sit still on the plane and reduces the possibility of DVT.

For further information on Icelandair Airlines visit the Icelandair website.

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