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About Finnair

Finnair Airlines fly from/to:
Alicante, Amsterdam, Ateena, Baltimore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Basel, Bergen, Berliini, Bern, Bilbao, Billund, Birmingham, Bologna, Bordeaux, Boston, Brisbane, Bristol, Bryssel, Budapest, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Enontekiö, Faro, Firenze/Pisa, Frankfurt, Fuerteventura, Funchal, Geneve, Glasgow, Göteborg, Hampuri, Hania, Hartford, Helsinki, Heraklion, Hongkong, Innsbruck, Istanbul, Ivalo, Joensuu, Johannesburg, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kanton, Kapkaupunki, Karpathos, Kemi, Kiova, Kittilä, Kokkola/Pietarsaari, Kos, Krakova, Kuopio, Kuressaare, Kuusamo, Köln, Kööpenhamina, Lanzarote, Lappeenranta, Larnaca, Las Palmas, Lissabon, Lontoo, Los Angeles, Lyon, Maarianhamina, Madrid, Malaga, Malta, Manchester, Marseille, Miami, Milano, Montreal, Moskova, Murcia, Murmansk, München, Nagoya, Napoli, New York, Nizza, Orlando, Osaka, Oslo, Oulu, Pafos, Palma de Mallorca, Pariisi, Peking, Pietari, Ponta Delgada, Pori, Praha, Riika, Rimini, Rodos, Rooma, Rovaniemi, Saint Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Juan, Savonlinna, Seinäjoki, Sevilla, Shanghai, Singapore, Stuttgart, Sydney, Tallinna, Tampere, Teneriffa, Tokio, Torino, Toronto, Tukholma, Tukholma Skavsta, Turku, Vaasa, Vancouver, Varkaus, Varsova, Venetsia, Verona, Vilna, Washington, Wien and Zürich.

The cabin crew’s primary task is to guarantee the safety of all passengers at all stages of the flight. They receive both basic training and continuous further training. Before every flight the crew practises some aspect of security and goes through the service guidelines for the flight in question. The Finnair crew has good language skills, first-aid training, extensive service training and good knowledge of the flight’s food, drinks and sales products.

On international flights, the crew always includes a Purser, who is the cabin supervisor. Business Class service on wide-bodied aircraft is the responsibility of a Service Chef, who is a trained expert in food and drink as well as a professional in providing individual service.

The number of staff varies, depending on the type of aircraft, the number of passengers and the destination. On Asian routes, the crew also includes local personnel for safety and service reasons.

The Finnair aircraft is flown by a captain and first officer in the cockpit. The captain is always in command of the whole flight.

The new uniform worn by the crew was designed by Finnish designer Anna-Kaisa Huttunen, who lives in Paris. The uniform consists of various items, which the Finnair staff can combine according to season of the year, working duties and their own preferences. The redesign of the uniform is closely connected with the renewal of Finnair's image, in which uniforms are part of a coordinated new look. The design was governed by Finnishness and freshness, and the aim was also to communicate quality and timeless style. The uniforms, shirts and blouses were all made in Finland.

The new coats to the uniform have been designed by Tiina Aarras. Her goal has been to design coats that are stylish, functional and safe for use both during spring and autumn, as well as during winter. There are several different models to choose from for men and women. Details, such as removable linings and hoods, as well as belts and pockets make the coat versatile and functional. The safety aspect is taken into consideration by adding strips of luminous material to the sleeves, to the slit in the back, to seams and to pocket edges. These reflectors secure good visibility in the dark and do not get caught anywhere as hanging reflectors might.

Around 3,400 Finnair staff wear the uniform. Around 1,700 work in the cabin, 700 in the cockpit and 1,000 at airports and ticket offices in 30 countries.

For further information on Finnair Airlines visit the Finnair website.

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